Monthly Archives: January 2011

Friday Funnies

Last night was ONLY the First Birthday Pot Luck and Big Book Study of our Group. Nearly a hundred people from all over town – even Duffy got to come by long enough to get something to eat. People supplied some of the best food you could ask for – salads, macaroni & cheese, baked […]

Rigging the game

From Dan Collins, at Piece Of Work In Progress, comes this great column that’s only about the State of the Union in that it uses the speech as the launch point. The Current Occupant gaves Dan some FABulous straight lines! — This is the guy who first arrived at state office in Illinois by getting […]

Eight Lessons from the Life and Work of Jack LaLanne

A posting from Seth Godin’s blog – called, appropriately enough, “Seth’s Blog.” He’s an important part of the Dave Ramsey family, which is how I heard of him. Eight Lessons from the life and work of Jack LaLanne 1. He bootstrapped himself. A scrawny little kid at 15, he decided to change who he was […]

Oldest rivalry in the NFL

I got to watch part of the Packers-Bears game today. Fox went green-screen just before the end of the first quarter, didn’t get the picture back till half-time had started. Grrr… Twenty-five years ago today, I made the first incarnation of what we now call SuperBowl Stew (glorified hot dogs and beans). Duffy spent his […]

Sunday Funnies that aren’t from Sunday

I like Get Fuzzy, too. Zits is good, too. Ok, enough…I have laundry to fold, and I think I’ll try to sweep and vacuum before the ol man gets home, too…y’all have a wonderful Sunday afternoon, thanks for stopping by! UPDATE: Just got word from my friend Roxanne. Her mother – Noreen Jeanette Formella – […]

I’m undecided

Am I feeling pissed off, or am I just terribly sad? I know I feel something, cuz there’s sort of a hollow pain in the pit of my gut. Why, you might ask? Ok, you might not, but it’s my blog and I’ll blather if I want to. Two weeks ago, I got a Facebook […]

Fogged in ~ with employment info updated/clarified…I hope

Dreary weather, dreary mood. I seem to have picked a fight with my son-in-law yesterday. I was not trying to. So typical of results when I think I’m being sarcastic and what I’m being is insulting. My best friend’s mum has had a massive stroke, she left for Wisconsin an hour ago, as the news […]