I am a lucky woman 2011

THIS is how I ended the year. What a Life!

In this photo: Suzanne Murray, Roxanne Garcia, Angie McDonald, yours truly, Beth Montgomery

Happy New Year to everyone who ever was or is now part of The Sunshine Band! A more fitting name now might be The Garage Women, who are a subset of The Garage People. I’ve got a picture here of Rick in our infamous garage…I’ll have to steal it from Beth…

More pictures later, got Hoppin’ John to fix now!


  1. Party? What is this strange concept? Glad you had a good time with good friends.

    1. For our version of party, if it doesn’t include food we aren’t the least bit interested. A real change for a couple of us who never went in for this sort of thing for much of our lives.

  2. Merilyn · · Reply

    Glad to hear that you had a good time and that is the main idea, good food is always welcome!
    Ok just what is Hoppin’ John?

    1. Hoppin’ John is black-eye peas, rice, salted pork of some kind (kielbasa is popular, I use a bit of smoked sausage and some ham), celery, onion, and a bit of red pepper flake. Southern tradition to have it as the first meal in the new year, to ensure health, prosperity, etc.

  3. Yojimbo · · Reply

    Just dropped by to wish you and yours a very happy and healthy New Year. I’ll have to try that meal next year as the horse is already out of the barn for this year.

    1. Yojimbo! Good to “see” you, thanks for coming by!

      It may be an unTraditional time for it, but Hoppin’ John makes a nice addition to any Saturday or Sunday afternoon football, too. I made it for SuperBowl Sunday a couple times.

      Hope your year is healthy and happy, too. See you around, eh?

  4. Wish you a very happy new year PC! I’m in Sydney’s Blue Mountains where it’s a wet summer now (good otherwise we were in for forest fires) and the winters are getting colder and colder, so I sometimes wish I lived in a prairie.

    1. Miss the prairies myself, Bruce, thanks for coming by. I live in a swamp in NE Florida these days, and have learned to like some things about it.. Like the people. Happy New Year to you and yours, too, please drop around any time!

  5. No offence but think I will give the Hoppin” John a miss!

    1. No offense taken, Merilyn – not everyone’s cup of tea, so to speak. Took me years to develop a taste for it.

  6. Nice lookin gang ya got there lady.. 😀

    1. Hey, thanks! We were missing a couple, but the core was there. It’s strange for me to have friends that I do something other than drink with. Oh, who am I kidding – having friends is strange for this broad!

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