“Rescuing particular people at the expense of other people– whether the others are taxpayers, savers or prospective home buyers– produces votes.”

“It also produces dependency on government, which is good for politicians, but bad for society.”

Thomas Sowell has some points I often think about. That headline is only one part of an excellent-as-usual column.

With very few exceptions, it’s been a long time since any politician really works to “help” anyone or anything. They are driven by lusts for money, power and prestige and I will not be convinced otherwise until they SHOW me different. No matter which label they use – Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative. I’ve even seen and heard squishy things coming from some who claim to be Tea Partiers. Everything they wish to do to “help” is really to ‘help’ themselves get votes. That’s my bottom line belief, and I want so much to be wrong this time!

Anyway, read Dr. Sowell’s column. I think maybe he wouldn’t disagree with my basic premise.


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