Oh, for cryin’ in yer beer…

John Stossel’s column is on a topic close to my lil pea-pickin’ heart – NANNYism and the popularity of alcoholic beverages among young people.

Too many supposedly adult people have the idea that without their guidance and rules, younger people than they will do stupid stuff and “ruin their lives.” We can’t just LET them do that, can we???

Yes, we can. Really.

Stossel quotes Nick Gillespie of Reason Magazine in the column:

“This has been going on for as long as there have been colleges and universities,” he said. “You can go back to the Middle Ages, and booze and students go together like, I guess, beer and caffeine.

Aren’t some drinks more dangerous than others?

“I don’t think so. But when we raised the drinking age to 21 … we told young people … you can vote, you can enter a contract, you can go to war, you can die for your country, but if you want to drink and you’re going to college, you better go off campus into a basement apartment somewhere and chug like there’s no tomorrow because you don’t know when you’re going to be able to get drunk again.”

He points out that by forbidding pre-21 adults from drinking openly around their elders, we deny them the chance to be exposed to responsible drinking.

Children will not grow up properly unless we LET them grow up! Sometimes that’s forced upon them by circumstance, sometimes it comes more naturally, but it MUST happen…and hasn’t been happening, since we have this FDA entity to help people NOT grow up. On top of Welfare, the school system, the EPA, and OSHA, the FDA is assisting the citizens of this country to STAY children. You know what that means? It means the GRUPS get to run things. They like that a lot. Problem is, it’s an awful sickness and it kills.

The best quote from Gillespie?
About the ban on caffeinated alcoholic drinks, he added, “You can’t minimize the overreach by the FDA.


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