Little Talbot Island hike

I have been informed that there is a Big Talbot Island, so have edited my headline for accuracy. 😎

Some pictures from the little hike we went on yesterday.

Chuck – Johnny – Duffy

Johnny’s legs – Duffy – Yours Truly – Angie

Tea time: Shane – Johnny – Duffy – Angie – Nacho


My favorite “Boardwalk”

All these pictures were swiped from my friend Roxanne’s Facebook album. She took the pictures with her phone. Gotta love it!

As I told everyone who went along, it was the best “afternoon tea” I’ve had since I moved away from my Little Grandma.



  1. That’s okay….it didn’t look like Big Talbot.

    1. That’s what Duffy said. Other than you two, I don’t know anyone who reads here who’d notice, it’s the principle of the thing.

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