This is a “memorial” service? UPDATED!

I have to admit first that I did not watch the thing. I started to, as I was washing up dishes in the kitchen. Turned around to turn on the sound on the little tv on top of the fridge…and got a look at Michele’s outfit. Turned it right off again.

I’m not a fashion maven. But Lovely Daughter is NOTHING if not classy and fashionable. I think we agree that a white cardigan, with sleeves casually pushed up, over that dark dress (with BIG pleats, an always flattering and sylish look…/sarc) is…well, ugly. It also looks like it belongs to her elder daughter – it’s VERY tight, isn’t it?

Did I hear correctly? There were T-shirts distributed for the “mourners?” Really. How…tacky.

Michele should have worn one.

I am eagerly awaiting Bob Belvedere’s commentary on the service itself and the people involved. Meanwhile, he’s got his regular Hump Day Rule 5 post up, which should keep you properly enthralled. I will link to his commentary as soon as I can.

Cold here this morning…thanks for stopping by!

UPDATE: Bob doesn’t let me down. Follow the links and read the comments at The Camp Of The Saints – they are worth every minute of your time.

Money quote:
Who gives a good Goddamn what they think of us? Look, I know we all have a deeply ingrained desire to want to be liked by our fellow men, but it is important to realize that the Left will never, ever like any one of us unless we submit to their ideas. To submit to them is to betray what you know is right, to place your soul in chains to others.



  1. I completely agree, she looks like she stole her entire outfit from a 9-year-old. Not to mention, wasn’t this a memorial?? Why are you wearing a bright, white sweater to begin with??

    I didn’t watch much of this, either, but from what I gathered, it was just another opportunity for Obummer to hear his own voice. It was too “election rally” for me. Cheering?? At a memorial service for 6 people who were shot and killed at a public event on Saturday?? Really?!?!?! T-Shirts???? REALLY!?!?!

    They need to understand that there will be time for election publicity stunts later. This is about the lives tragically lost.

  2. bobbelvedere · · Reply

    You’re too good to me, KC. Thank you.

    When I hear people compliment Lady Michbeth’s taste in fashion, I have to walk away so my blood pressure stays normal. The woman has no taste and no class.

  3. Ugh. Nasty outfit.

    Guess it really is true that money can’t buy class.

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