A walk down Memory Lane

The ol man is bringing hot sour soup and egg rolls home for his supper break. Won’t be making it to the 7pm Book Study again…but I find it hard to turn down hot sour soup from Ying’s! So, here I sit in my cold little house, thinking about music. Duffy’s redoing the music part of our Spring Retreat, and he’s looking for suggestions. I’ve sent out a couple dozen emails, asking for our friends’ favorite songs. I don’t know if the songs I’m thinking about qualify as “favorite,” but the band at the bar where I met Duffy played ’em, so I’m going to see if I can find ’em.

Oh, he’s here already! Back shortly…

That was a terrific little supper. Duffy had to go try to rescue one of his drivers – bus won’t start. Same bus does this, they take it to the mechanics, the mechanics return it, it won’t crank again. Notice I didn’t say the mechs repair the bus. If they did that, I wouldn’t have heard its number enough in the last couple months to recognize it when I hear the driver talking to my ol man on the phone.

Now, I’ve got a pot of decaf Constant Comment tea, and a cooking show on television, so I can start looking up the songs I was thinking about earlier today.

I met Duffy at a bar he ran. He was also the sound man for the house band. They weren’t the band he remembers when he hears these songs, but that’s his part of the story, and the band I remember is the band I remember.

First up is Seven Bridges Road. Black River Band did a good cover of this one, and I loved it every single time.

Of course, in 1982, most bands did Southern Rock. Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers were the ones I knew in Montana, and Black River Band did a cover of their biggest hits. This one’s not my favorite Skynyrd song, but EVERYONE knew it.

Alabama was more than a song done by Skynyrd – it was THE GROUP of the decade. Any band who covered this song was guaranteed to get laid by some chickie – or two – in the crowd.

One band member – Eric – played keyboards and sax. If the band didn’t do this song, every other damn band in town did it, and it was on the radio pretty much morning to night, too. Well, so was Elvira, and Swingin’ and I ain’t posting those…

We saw David Allen Coe at Bike Week one year. Not a pretty man but what a way with words and voice. This song came out shortly after I met Duffy…still grabs me…

I didn’t remember for a long time who this song belonged to…love it still…Southern Cross…

I seldom got to dance with Duffy because he was the sound man. On THIS song, Eric again picked up his saxophone…and Duffy could set the board and leave it for a bit…and we could shine each other’s belt buckles…Turn the Page…

I think that’s enough for tonight. I’m pretty tired, cold, and I think I’ll finish my tea and hit the rack. Thanks for stopping by!

One comment

  1. This sounded like a nice, quiet evening. You can’t go wrong with a little Chinese food, a cooking show on TV, some music and a pot of Constant Comment tea! We hope you enjoyed your tea and found the songs you were looking for. Thanks for drinking Constant Comment!
    -Deb for Bigelow Tea

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