Fogged in ~ with employment info updated/clarified…I hope

Dreary weather, dreary mood.

I seem to have picked a fight with my son-in-law yesterday. I was not trying to. So typical of results when I think I’m being sarcastic and what I’m being is insulting.

My best friend’s mum has had a massive stroke, she left for Wisconsin an hour ago, as the news isn’t encouraging.

Hubby informs me that his job will be ending in the fairly near future. First Transit was running the Community Shuttle on a contingency basis, and JTA will be taking it back in the near future. Hubby is not LOSING his job, he won’t be downsized or anything like that. The job he has is ending when JTA gets people trained and ready to go. Duffy’ll be laterally or upwardly reassigned at First Transit – locally – unless the local bus company would like to hire him. Which is a possibility.




  1. ****SIGH***** Right there with you. Seems like it always happens at once, doesn’t it?

  2. Damn, so sorry to hear that. I was an unhappy camper today as well and probably made a lot of other people unhappy, too.

  3. Kenosha, Wisconsin is at -4F right now, according to a text I just got from Roxanne. Headed for a high of +9F.

    The rest of the family is gathering. And it’s a good-sized family.

  4. Glad to see that Duffy didn’t get downsized.

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