I’m undecided

Am I feeling pissed off, or am I just terribly sad? I know I feel something, cuz there’s sort of a hollow pain in the pit of my gut.

Why, you might ask? Ok, you might not, but it’s my blog and I’ll blather if I want to.

Two weeks ago, I got a Facebook friend request from my sister’s son. Not acting on my first impulse, I did NOT fire back an “Are you effing nuts?” answer. Best Friend advised I pray about it, which I did. Favorite Cousin is suspicious…like me. But really, I have no interest in being a part of the family whose Matriarch-in-Waiting has already disowned me and my family. Not just because of a FB thing, anyway. I still have the emails I got from this young man’s mother.

Today, I got a Facebook message from this same child. Here’s the text of it:

I would like to let you know you.. Well how do I put this in a way you will understand oh I got it!! You’re a stupid hoe!:)

I’m a lot of things, but ‘stupid’ and ‘hoe’ ain’t two of ’em.

This has given me an opportunity to practice the advice I give others all the time, from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. I paraphrase:

‎”We realized that the people who wronged us were perhaps spiritually sick. [] We asked God to help us show them the same tolerance, pity, and patience we would cheerfully grant a sick friend. [] God save me from being angry. Thy Will be done.”

I also posted Alex’ words at Facebook, where anyone whose Friend request I’ve accepted can see them. And they’re here, too. I have no plans for answering back or tattling to his mother or grandmother. I already know he knows he has a Right To Free Speech. Cain’t hide nuthin’ in the cyberworld, can ya?

Wow. That really helped. I think that pain means I’m just hungry!



  1. Heh. Perhaps you could correct his spelling and grammar while you have it up.

    Sounds like a real winner.

    1. The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree? His mother used to get downright righteous in telling others that she can’t spell and so what…

      If the words tell you so much, y’oughta see the picture he’s using. Really.

      Like many other Liberals, which is the philosophy Mother taught children, there is no correcting, no arguing. Having NO contact with me since he was 13 and knowing NOTHING about me makes no difference whatsoever. Every time I hear the things MSNBC and other Talking Hairdo’s say, or the blather that comes from the mouths of the Hollyweirdo’s, I hear my sister’s family.

      Family’s just full of winners. Probably the only thing we agree on. 😎

  2. Don’t let it change your day.

    1. Except for giving me something to post about, it hasn’t and it won’t, Lesley. Somebody said I should pray for him. No. I have no reason to ask forgiveness of God, because I’m not angry, just kinda sad.

      And really really glad I don’t live in the same state!

      Going to a great speaker meeting now. See ya, and thanks for coming by, I really appreciate it.

    2. I just got another one. Much longer. Trying to decide if I should put it in a new post, or as a comment. The gist of it seems to be that the earlier message was meant to “open a line of communication” or some such rot. Yeah…no.

      1. Heh. My nieces and nephews might *think* evil things about me, but they’re probably still afraid that if they said anything like that out loud that my arm would reach through the computer and slap ’em silly.

  3. Well, the good thing about being an adult is that you do get to choose your family.

    1. I never thought of it that way, Swampie, thank you. And they get to choose theirs, too, which works out well for everyone.

  4. …….and to continue with Swampie’s line, you also get to pick your own friends.

  5. Someone needs to pray for me…not to fly over there and give that little brat a piece of my mind…glad you are so controlled Mama, because I sure am not!

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