Oldest rivalry in the NFL

I got to watch part of the Packers-Bears game today. Fox went green-screen just before the end of the first quarter, didn’t get the picture back till half-time had started. Grrr…

Twenty-five years ago today, I made the first incarnation of what we now call SuperBowl Stew (glorified hot dogs and beans). Duffy spent his time holding his 4-day-old daughter while we watched Da Bears beat the hell out of the Patriots. It was a GREAT day. Remember? A perfect Florida January day.

This is a crappy video, but the other one has been discontinued due to copyright disputes. I can still hear it, that’s the part that counts. Just close your eyes, it’s better that way.

Miss Sweetness to this day…

Today was my SuperBowl Sunday because my beloved Packers played Da Bears I will never hate. I couldn’t cheer for them this year because The Current Occupant has claimed to be Fan enough to disrupt the SuperBowl if they had won. Good grief, has he no sense of propriety at all? I will not willingly be part of anything he likes. After he leaves office, I’ll be good with the Bears again. I think.

Hubby got home from the 1st Annual Hammock Hang around 2:30, took a bath, and I made the 25th incarnation of SuperBowl Stew – it was the best EVER. Aaron and the Pack won, and I’m going to go to bed a happy little grandma.

As cold there today as it was where the ol man was hammocking last night. Brrr.

After the game, giving thanks:

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