Rigging the game

From Dan Collins, at Piece Of Work In Progress, comes this great column that’s only about the State of the Union in that it uses the speech as the launch point. The Current Occupant gaves Dan some FABulous straight lines!

This is the guy who first arrived at state office in Illinois by getting his competitors booted off the ballot.

The same guy who can’t come up with a long-form birth certificate, but wants all of your information shared with government agencies, and wants you to use an internet ID and wants to make you have a biometric identification card.

The education industry and its promotion of bogus certification for sensitivity and alternative-ness against actual expertise in a subject area has led to a couple of generations of failure.

He links to RightNetwork, too – funny stuff!


One comment

  1. Ain’t that the truth! I didn’t bother watching the AHIC delivering the SOTU because I’d really prefer that he STFD and STFU.

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