Friday Funnies

Last night was ONLY the First Birthday Pot Luck and Big Book Study of our Group. Nearly a hundred people from all over town – even Duffy got to come by long enough to get something to eat. People supplied some of the best food you could ask for – salads, macaroni & cheese, baked beans, chips & dips. There were at least 40 cakes/cookies/brownies…including what Duffy referred to as the best German chocolate cake he’s ever eaten. And he KNOWS German chocolate cake. Thanks for that one, Suzanne! Cleanup took longer than usual, and then we had our monthly business meeting. I got to bed close to normal time, but woke up several times in the night – when the ol man came home and when the cat patted me on the face because she NEEDED to have something to eat…twice!

I’m tired this morning. My brain is in neutral. Or maybe reverse. So here’s some assorted comics I enjoy, hope you do, too. Thanks for stopping by!


One comment

  1. Mallard is good as always.
    And I know the feeling with the last one! All too well!

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