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Warning: Snark Level RED!

I am a Homemaker. I haven’t had a paying job for quite some time, and I’ve never had a job that was exactly considered glamorous or exciting. Some jobs I’ve held are even sneered at by many. Meh. If the opinions of others was what ruled me, I probably wouldn’t have survived. Stuff doesn’t impress […]

Go with God, Spc. Jonathan Pilgeram

The obituary in the Great Falls Tribune. Centerville’s Cowboy Soldier: Thank you for your Service. Your work here is done. You will not be forgotten. Spc. Dallas Obergfell, left, and Pfc. Jordan Thompson, both childhood friends of U. S. Army Spc. Jonathan A. Pilgeram, honor their fallen friend during the burial service at Mount Olivet […]

The Camp Of The Saints says all that needs to be said

Wow…I guess he’s changed his ways…yeah, and do you see those pigs flying out of my butt yet? Bob Belvedere says it much better than I. By linking to his blog instead of writing my own, I won’t get so angry I break my keyboard. I won’t be so furious I kick the poor old […]

Flag raised on Iwo Jima

This isn’t the most famous photo, as you well know. It is said to be the FIRST, and the info from the official U.S. Navy Facebook page is offered below the picture. The First Flag Raising on Mount Suribachi, Iwo Jima, 23 February 1945. Marines of the 28th Regiment, Fifth Marine Division, hoist the U.S. […]

Miracle On Ice

Come back with me now, back 31 years, to The Miracle On Ice which took place 31 years ago today? Hardly seems that long. Beating the Soviets was a BIG deal in my world at the time (working construction in Dallas, Texas). Many of us don’t remember that wasn’t even the gold medal round! Many […]

Day By Day ~ for a busy Saturday

Busy day, lotta shopping…a mop bucket, an ironing board cover, flea junk for the cats, new toys for Mr. Bird to destroy…a small haul from the big clearance sale at the Navy Exchange…mopped the living room floor…went to a Big Book Study at one of the rehabs in town…did some Step work with a sponsee…I […]

They call the wind Mariah…

These pictures were taken off I-80 in Wyoming, near the turnoff to My Favorite Cousin’s cabin… It’s a big, often lonely and brutal land…and I miss it. Thanks, Lesley!