“That pesky matter of the Constitution”

My opinion about the need for “health” insurance notwithstanding, seems Bernard Goldberg is thinking the same direction. Our opinions are not germane. What is important is the Constitution.

I’m not sure I like his condescending attitude (Flyover Country, as the butt of elitist jokes at best and ignored completely by most, is one of my BIG peeves. In fact the general ignorance of anything about it by the coastal dwellers just gripes me no end), but I agree with his thinking here. And he seems to have learned something and is no longer completely ignorant of the facts.

In his column today at JewishWorldReview.com, Bernie hits the nail on the head:

“The federal government does not have unlimited powers. It cannot mandate that all Americans buy an insurance policy — and then punish them if they don’t.”

Tell that to Our Elected CongressWeasels, the Current Occupants of theWhite House, and every cubicle-dwelling creature in the bowels of the bureaucracies of Big Government, Bernie…

When’s the next round in this fight?


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