Happy 100th Birthday, Sir!

Ronald Reagan was President in the first years of my husband’s Navy career. It was a speech Reagan made in early 1983 that helped convince Duffy to enlist.

Ask around today, especially among our young people, and I think you’ll find a whole new attitude toward serving their country. This reflects more than just better pay, equipment and leadership. You the American people have sent a signal to these young people that it is once again an honor to wear the uniform. That’s not something you measure in a budget, but it is a very real part of our nation’s strength.

Those were tough, tense years for us, as a new little family was built amid worldwide upheaval. I was holding our new baby daughter in my arms watching from our front step when the Challenger exploded. The words then-President Reagan spoke touched and gave comfort to this Navy Wife.

When Governor Reagan died in 2004, and was lying in state in the Capitol Rotunda, my husband put on his uniform and drove into Washington, to stand in line as and salute his Commander-in-Chief one last time.

Happy Birthday, Sir!

The future doesn’t belong to the faint-hearted – it belongs to the brave.


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