F-F-F-Friday…at last

I haven’t been able to get warm for 2 days. My fingers aren’t working so well today. I didn’t sleep very well. And I think I’ve managed to acquire an upper respiratory thingy…yay. An already un-fun week seems to be determined to continue into the weekend. *sigh* At least tomorrow I can sleep as long as I can sleep, then laze around for the whole morning if I wish. I really want to get the carport completely cleaned out – though I made a bit of progress earlier in the week. I also see furballs floating in very conspicuous spots…so a vacuum and sweep & mop is in order sometime VERY soon. No mopping today, as Pete the Plumber will be replacing a length of pipe under the house.

With my complete lack of energy or enthusiasm, how ’bout some funnies:

Y’all have a FINE day and a better weekend – thanks so much for stopping by!


One comment

  1. Hope you’re feeling more like yourself again!

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