Happy Valentine’s Day

How could I NOT have a good day, when I got to spend it with the owner of THIS FACE:

“I see you in my bubble, Grandma.”

Then we made fresh lemonade for Daddy:

I have the best days…thank you, God.


  1. What an absolutely gorgeous little girl! Must be an absolute joy to have her around all day.

    I bet you NEVER hear things like “Meemaw, I farted, and there’s butt juice in my underwear!”

    1. Well, not YET…but we do have some talk about it when I pick her up and it makes her ‘kootchie’ hurt…and no, I don’t know how to spell it, so I’m going with this. 😉

    2. And how is Little Miss Zoe Elizabeth this fine morning? Your house eerily quiet?

      1. My house was eerily quiet, but then I went over to go with daughter to Zoe’s first doctor’s appointment. I got stuck in traffic (road construction and a wreck) and daddy had to go in my place. D’OH! 😦

        Daddy had to go to a meeting as soon as he got back, so I took daughter, baby, and Dylan to lunch at one of those fine dining emporiums that have spill proof floors and an attached playground, then we went to look at paint colors for Zoe’s room, then we went back home and I scrubbed kid fingerprints and scribbling off the wall with TSP prior to painting while Mommy rested and bathed Zoe.

        Then I drove daughter to school to pick up Jacob while SIL was in class, then rushed home to feed all the livestock before dark (didn’t make it!) and now I’m sitting and catching my breath before feeding SwampMan.

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