They call the wind Mariah…

These pictures were taken off I-80 in Wyoming, near the turnoff to My Favorite Cousin’s cabin…

It’s a big, often lonely and brutal land…and I miss it. Thanks, Lesley!


  1. Pictures should be captioned “Why We Can’t Depend on Wind Power”.

    1. Yes, they should, Swampie – and the wind blows out there ALL the time. The reason there are no TALL pieces to the landscape – like trees and animals – is it’s UNnatural – Nature knows to lay low when there’s constant, sometimes very high wind. It’s people that are idjits.

  2. Up on the Big Hill by The Martin Marietta Quarry. Been there, in the wind, working on a ballast train after loading. Dust, dust, oh yeah, more dust.

    1. I KNEW you’d know the exact location, Glenn!

  3. Four years in the saddle with Herzog!
    I can go from Wichita to here with my eyes closed. Well to Barstow anyway!
    I was the only ballast tech who knew the sidings from Havre to Glasgow:
    Chinook, Harlem, Savoy, Dodson, Malta, Saco, Hinsdale and Tampico.

  4. Glenn, are you thinking the quarry by Harriman? These are farther west. The town is called Arlington. It’s not really a town, just a gas station without gas. But you can still buy really expensive pop, candy, chips, and a beer. There’s over a hundred wind turbines there now.

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