Day By Day ~ for a busy Saturday

Busy day, lotta shopping…a mop bucket, an ironing board cover, flea junk for the cats, new toys for Mr. Bird to destroy…a small haul from the big clearance sale at the Navy Exchange…mopped the living room floor…went to a Big Book Study at one of the rehabs in town…did some Step work with a sponsee…I am hungry and tired now, so y’all have a fine evening, a beautiful night – the moon will help that out, I know. The ol man is out hammock-hiking, probably won’t be home till Monday in time for work, so more cleaning on the agenda for tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by!


One comment

  1. 10.5 hours on the flight line. And in one of the coldest fifty degree days I have ever experienced!
    Winds 35 gusting to 50!

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