The Camp Of The Saints says all that needs to be said

Wow…I guess he’s changed his ways…yeah, and do you see those pigs flying out of my butt yet?

Bob Belvedere says it much better than I. By linking to his blog instead of writing my own, I won’t get so angry I break my keyboard. I won’t be so furious I kick the poor old cat who has been my companion for so long. I won’t be in danger of my head exploding. He links to Roxanne de Luca, The Other McCain, and Michelle Malkin. Can YOU say “peaceful coexistence? Neither can they. And they probably can’t spell it, either.

Here’s a bit from Roxanne:

Roxe’s new proposal to balance the budget in Massachusetts: rescind the pensions of every single American history teacher that these morons had.

She’s brilliant, isn’t she!

Hitting the rack now, long day today, longer one tomorrow…thanks for stopping by!


One comment

  1. Bob Belvedere · · Reply

    I’m still standing here waiting and my feet are getting sore.

    Thanks, KC, for the link and the kind words.


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