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Buy Israeli Goods Day

Paco the Wise posts a link I am reposting here. He linked to Seraphic Secret, as will I. Stand With Us announces Wednesday, March 30 is Buy Israeli Goods Day, a day set aside to counter a boycott and protests called by…well, you know who they are without me spelling it out, don’t you? Visit […]

I say, it’s his birthday!

Dan Collins (so sorry, Dan!) of Piece Of Work In Progress is celebrating the anniversary of his birth today. There’s always excellent posting at POWIP, informative and interesting no matter who the author might be over there, and following him on Twitter really brightens my day. Go give him a read, and wish him a […]

Earth Hour…

…as celebrated by Blair Nation! From the best of THE BEST at Blair’s, Daryl Keith comments: I got so cold last night with the aircon on, that I had to turn the heater on as well.

Opening Day has not arrived…

But Paco’s hit another one outta the park. The Money Quote: The Orwellian euphemisms used by the current crowd would be amusing if the underlying idiocy were not so dangerous for the country. Of course, Paco’s Commenters are world-class wordsmiths, too.

Made in Montana

The Great Falls Tribune carries this story about products Made in Montana, ranging from huckleberry jam to mud flaps. I’d give just about anything to go see all of what’s offered. Buyer Jesse Parks talks with Jill Benton, center, and Toni McClue in the Montana Sweetgrass Etc. booth at the Made In Montana Marketplace in […]

Read Paco Enterprises today.

You won’t regret it. The Wise and Wonderful Paco suggests something that I approve of completely!

My 1st ever Spot-On Quote of the Day – updated!

May be my only posting under this title (maybe not!). But this one is necessary. As Bob Belvedere of The Camp Of The Saints passes out HIS Spot-On award today, I think this line from his post – written by Bob, the Master himself – qualifies for the top of MY list: Some have said […]