God Bless Wyoming and the Second Amendment!

I was listening to the Outdoors Show on the radio a little while ago (every Saturday, 7am-10am). I heard that Wyoming’s governor, Matt Mead, has signed a bill allowing the carrying of a concealed weapon without a permit…WHOA! Can you believe it!

From Trib.com, dateline Cheyenne:

Wyoming on Wednesday became the fourth state to allow citizens to carry concealed guns without a permit, with Gov. Matt Mead signing a bill into law as several other states considered similar action.

The law allows state citizens legally entitled to own guns to carry them concealed starting in July. The guns still wouldn’t be allowed in schools, bars and government buildings.

“We have heard from both sides on this, this bill has attracted a lot of attention,” Mead said at a signing ceremony at the State Capitol. “But as written, I thought it was an appropriate bill for Wyoming, and an appropriate law for Wyoming.”

Similar bills are pending in states including Colorado, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Utah. A bill has been introduced in Kentucky but hasn’t advanced while another was introduced for discussion in Idaho.

Alaska, Arizona and Vermont already don’t require permits to carry concealed guns.

I have never been more proud to be a Westerner, or more disgusted to live in an eastern city.



  1. Lesley · · Reply

    I love Wyoming.

    1. I know you do! This attitude HAS to be part of the reason, too – not to mention the weather, of course…

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