Friday’s Funny on Sunday… you got a problem with that?

Some of the insights in Zits are past me now, as Lovely Daughter has BEEEootiful Pixie Daughter, Handsome Husband, and a nice little home of her own. THIS one, however, is timeless:

Working my way through the rooms, trying to clean out some of the cat fur and sand. Better get back to it. Got Ted Leitner calling the Padres game on the ‘puter. 4-3 My Padres in the second. Good memories.

I hate sand.

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. swampie · · Reply

    Heh. Good luck on that cat fur and sand cleaning thing!

    1. Far from perfect, but SO much better than it was! Today I may manage to fold and hang the clean laundry that’s piled up…

      1. *sigh* I reckon that will leave me to be the only one trying to navigate between the baskets of clean laundry that needs ironing, folding, and putting away.

      2. Still haven’t gotten to it. Shooting for tomorrow.

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