Blah de Blah de Blah

I seem to be having an attack of Lileks-ia. Without the winter weather. Don’t think I’m grinding my teeth, but my gut isn’t happy with me. Don’t feel like reading or writing. Got some nice links, though, so my readership (which is in the low severals, as another member of Blair Nation described it) doesn’t think I’ve decided to ignore ’em.

John Stossel – Obama’s Green-Jobs Fantasy:
In judging any government initiative, such as Obama’s green-jobs plan, you can’t look just at the credit side of ledger because the government is unable to give without first taking away.

Jonah Goldberg – On the GOP Menu for 2012:
It’s like that feeling you get when you’re starving and you go into a restaurant. At first everything on the menu looks great, until you have to make your choice and you realize there’s nothing you actually want to eat.

Betsy Hart – Honor Rolls With No Meaning:
[W]hen my high-school freshman’s “I’m Proud of My Honor Roll Student” bumper sticker arrived a few weeks ago, I told her, “There is no way I’m putting this on our car.” She knows me. She wasn’t expecting me to.

Fixing the ol man some American Toast (braver than the other stuff), gotta run. Busy day. He’s down with his first ever allergy attack! Windy, dusty, pollen-saturated air. Lucky guy. Haven’t told him “Welcome to the Club” yet.

Have a terrific day, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Dan Collins · · Reply

    Hey, don’t go all blah-de on me, now.

    1. Fightin’ it, Dan, fightin’ it. Doesn’t usually last this long…maybe I need a little retail therapy! Calphalon cookware is on sale next week at the Exchange. Could use some new bathroom rugs, too…

      Hey, thanks, I feel better already!

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