We are not well…so how about some links?

My Pixie was sick over the weekend, showed up here yesterday with a nasty little fever. She’s better today, but still kinda punky, not as much energy as usual. I kept her home from school. Mama is coming to take her home soon. I have acquired either a head cold or a really bad upper-respiratory allergy attack. Dizzy spells are NO fun when trying to do my job!

The earthquake and tsunami last week are in the forefront of everyone’s mind. My friends in Hawai’i are safe, as are the few military personnel I know deployed to Japan. You’ve already read probably more than enough on the subject. Here’s a bit from the Honolulu Star-Advertiser – Last stranded visitors go home.

Lamestream Media and Scaremongers around the world have gone NUCLEAR over the reactor explosions and stories of meltdown. Serr8d sez Back off, doomsayers!

A demonstration of what Peaceable Palestinians are capable of has been whitewashed or ignored by our most ‘celebrated’ news organisations. Thanks to CNN, the murder of parents and their children by terrorists gets a pass once again.

What has The Current Occupant been doing and saying about these horrors?

John Podhoretz – One of the worst weeks in the recent history of the world, and Barack Obama is talking about…education reform.

Lynn Sweet – Woooing donors at the Gridiron.

Jim Geraghty – President Obama is taping his NCAA picks today, and they’ll be revealed tomorrow on ESPN.

Randy’s Roundtable – It is almost as if he just plays like he is the President and someone else is running the show.

And when the going gets tough, The Current Occupant gets…his sorry ass outta town.

In our Brave New World, with its new tone and civility, this seems to be what passes for Leadership.

UPDATE: My Pixie has a urinary tract infection. I have the flu. She went home, I went to bed. Going back soon as I find something easy to eat.

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  1. swampie · · Reply

    Oh, you poor baby! You’re going to feel like crap for a couple weeks, then drag around for a couple more, I fear.

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