Hearing loss…WHAT???

I have some loss of hearing. I’ve long made jokes about it – “Wait till I put my glasses on, I can’t hear you.”

Music is not really very pleasant to me, especially new music. Music from my younger days that has memory attached is the only kind I find much pleasure in. Crowded rooms are torture, piped-in Muzak is torture. The television on in the background? Ditto.

I just heard Rush talk about his total hearing loss, and while the severity and cause are different, we have some similarities. We both crave quiet.

Unfortunately, tinnitus makes ‘quiet’ an impossible dream. It’s become a sharp buzzing in the last few months. It exacerbates the loss of hearing, making it necessary for me to ASK people to look at me when they speak, and please speak fairly slowly and enunciate clearly. Mumbling is not only hard to understand, it pisses me right off.

So, if you are a friend or family member, please help me. Look at me, make sure I’m looking at you, speak clearly, a bit louder than usual, and turn off any background music or tv if you can. Thank you!



  1. Got hearing aids now. Actually about two years ago or so. I don’t wear them to work or when here in the living room by myself with Hockey Night in Canada on.(Bruins at Leafs)

    1. Duffy has had hearing aids since just before retirement. Wears ’em sometimes. Carries them with him so he’ll have ’em if he needs ’em.

  2. swampie · · Reply

    SwampMan’s hearing is pretty poor. He has hearing aids but never wears ’em. He reads lips more than he hears, I believe.

    1. I hate being half deaf. I hate the tinnitus more. Problem with hearing aids is they make THAT sound louder, too. There is no solution to this. I’m screwed and it pisses me right off.

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