Saturday Night, Lite

The Current Occupant has ordered us into another shooting war. Good grief, Barry, are you drinking too much whatever at Mardi Gras? What about all those campaign promises that sent so many Americans swooning on down your primrose path? Howcum it’s a horror and barbaric if Israel defends herself, but Americans must get involved when another loon-atic is having some trouble at home? You and yours and all those who worship you just make me sick.

Need some cheering up. Since I don’t drink anymore – and I would consider this depression a perfect excuse for a good buzz and an early bedtime if I DID still drink – how about some music videos highlighting the marvelous songs of my younger days? LOTS younger…

Dad was my greatest musical influence, I think.

I had a record player on a tv tray that sat in front of the window in my room in Scobey, Montana. Dad gave me a big case full of 45’s. This was one of them.

The FABulous Ella…

Well. That helped some, didn’t it? In the time it’s taken me to post these and find something easy to eat, the Gators basketball team has advanced to the Sweet 16, the Padres whupped the Cubs in pre-season play, and #8 Butler sent #1 Pittsburgh packing. Think I’ll go check out the RWDB’s on my Twitter feed. I love that thing. G’night, and thanks for stopping by!


One comment

  1. got my first Animals record back then.

    Rock. Chalk. Jayhawk.

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