My 1st ever Spot-On Quote of the Day – updated!

May be my only posting under this title (maybe not!). But this one is necessary.

As Bob Belvedere of The Camp Of The Saints passes out HIS Spot-On award today, I think this line from his post – written by Bob, the Master himself – qualifies for the top of MY list:

Some have said that Obama is a man without a chest. I agree. He is a puny punk…but he is also a man without pants, ’cause the ladies is wearin’ them.

Well said, my Friend. Thank you for all your hard work in this trying time.

Spot On.

UPDATE: Spot-On Quote, #2! American Thinker ran this column by Victor Volsky yesterday. I saw the quote at Grouchy Conservative Pundits and HAD to post it here.

The famous Occam’s razor principle states that the simplest explanation is the most plausible one. Applying it to dispel the fog of propaganda, it becomes glaringly obvious that Obama is an accidental president, a lazy and indecisive incompetent devoid of any ability or desire to perform the job to which he was elected by a gullible majority, who loves the perks but hates the duties of his office; who loves to play but hates to work. Have a good look at the man occupying the White House: what you see is what you get. The Emperor has no clothes.

Now that the habit is begun, I hope I can keep it controlled…


  1. bobbelvedere · · Reply

    I was in the middle of posting a ‘Thank You, KC!’ comment last night when WordPress went down.

    Thank You, KC!

    1. Must’ve gone down after I went to bed…and you are more than welcome.

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