I say, it’s his birthday!

Dan Collins (so sorry, Dan!) of Piece Of Work In Progress is celebrating the anniversary of his birth today. There’s always excellent posting at POWIP, informative and interesting no matter who the author might be over there, and following him on Twitter really brightens my day. Go give him a read, and wish him a happy day!

Here’s hoping Handsome Dan skips a certain speech that’s going to broadcast tonight…I know it would turn MY stomach and leave me queasy for the rest of the day…

On a local personal note, the garden is doing nicely. Got a couple tiny little Fresno peppers showing. A few small clusters of grape tomatoes seem to mean the more mature plants weren’t traumatised much by the transplant. And I believe I found the first teeny green bumps that will someday grow into The Zucchini That Ate Duval. Only 3 plants, but those things are often mutants before we tire of eating them!

Think I’ll see if I can find a ballgame at MLB.com. Padres game is on tv at 4pm on Thursday, and I have NO intention of going anywhere during that time. Nope…guess I’ll read my book and talk to the cats. Maybe get some tea…and Something On A Stick! Y’all have a fine evening.

Happy Birthday, Dan!


  1. Dan Collins · · Reply

    Thanks very kindly. I’m the Collins Dan, but I’ve been called a lot worse than Dan Riehl.

    And I did skip the speech. Oddly enough, because I was watching a movie with Robert Duvall in it.

    1. I’ve fixed the name, Dan, so very sorry. I am embarrassed beyond belief.

      Which Robert Duval movie? I don’t see many movies, but went to “Down Low” when it was in the theatres a few months back. Enjoyed it very much. “Secondhand Lions” is another favorite. No mere Mutant Zucchini would put fear into THAT Duval!

      Watching the Twitter feed on the speech was exactly the right thing for me to do, I think. What a pompous boob. Sure inspires some great one-liners, though.

      Happy birthday again, Dan. G’night!

  2. Blackhawks at Red Wings. Then Avalanche at Ducks.
    What speech. Oh, the one the camel jockey in chief is giving. Forgot all about that scumbag and his major fail on Libya.

    1. Cannot bear to watch or listen to The Current Occupant, Glenn. Gag reflex is much too sensitive. But as I said to Dan, he inspires some bloggers I follow to World Class All Star Smartass One-liners.

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