OPENING DAY: Maybin’s home run in bottom of the ninth saves Padres

ESPN broadcast the game, though I could barely stand to watch. Why must I be forced to look at faces – pitchers, catchers, batters, managers, fans – when what I really want to see is the FIELD??? Channel 4 Padres TV in San Diego got it right in the years I lived there, but the networks seem determined that I enjoy facial expression – or non-expression – instead. Can’t STAND it. So I listened to Ted Leitner call the game from a San Diego radio station on my computer. Very pleasant. Jerry Coleman isn’t doing the road trips – he IS 85, after all!

I had to go when it was top of the 11th and tied at 3. By the time the cigarette break came around at the meeting, and I got someone to check the scores, My Padres had won, 5-3. WooHOOO!!!

Can’t find an embed, but here’s the link. I took the headline here from a comment on the Padres site. It fits. Watch the video of Maybin’s first hit as a San Diego Padre! THAT is the shot that made me decide to be late for the meeting!

A BEEootiful day for baseball!



  1. I have dropped the ESPN Sunday Night Game from my list. The schmucks got rid of Jon Miller and Joe Morgan.

    1. I didn’t like the way they called a game,either – don’t know anyone who’s game-calling on tv I like. That’s why I listen to it on the radio.

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