Remember “Midnight Special?”

My Padres won again, beat the Cardinals (who I also like) 11-3. Before the game, they were 9-26 in games played in St. Louis since 2001. Now the Rangers are whuppin’ the Red Sox and I’m listening to the Rays game…why, exactly?

I have NO idea what possessed me to look up this video. I just want you to know that 1973 is the year I graduated from high school. I wore hot pants and big bells, and my skirts up to here. In November I moved to Minnesota with my folks, living in a real city for the first time in my life. Still…this is embarrassing…

The clothes are fascinating to see again…and ALSO embarrassing…

One more, then I’m off to bed. I cleaned a bathroom today that hadn’t been touched since the dog moved in – 2 years ago. Scrubbed it with a brush and a sponge, because that’s what works the best. Damn proud of my work, really. Best part of this next one is – again – the costumes. Enjoy!

Going to mow tomorrow and finish up the most recent garden bed Duffy built for me. This is a great idea for side-yard space that’s mostly useless. I’ll post pictures soon. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your Saturday night!


  1. I remember those clothes!

  2. You think THAT’s embarrassing, imagine how the youth of today will feel about the pictures revealing the ass-exposing pants and tats and hardware stuck all through the face!

    1. I’m kinda looking forward to the day, Swampie…serves the little monsters right. 😉

  3. […] been in Minnesota in 1973] and, most awful of all, watching Midnight Special.  It seems the young KC was prone to Bang A Gong, Hold Your Head Up high, all while Reeling In The […]

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