Life Is Now

Wow, no post since Saturday. Huh. Sometimes there’s just no way to put how I feel into words. If I didn’t have this Design For Living thing I accepted as a way of life a few years back, I”m not sure how sane I’d be right now. Because I’m not really sane. I’m doing what I was taught…I’m being helpful when I can and doing my job to the best of my ability. It’s a miracle that I’m not drunk, but it’s also a miracle that I am a functional woman doing the tasks I must do.

I’m living proof it’s possible to be miserable and full of gratitude and joy at the same time. Don’t let anyone try to bullshit you – it IS possible for more than one feeling to occupy the same space in your heart.

Rabbi Zelig Pliskin is running a series at based on one of his books. The site runs series like this based on various books, and I love it. Serials used to be common in magazines and papers and radio…they may still exist, but I don’t “get out much” so don’t know for sure. Anyway, this one is called “Life Is Now: Creating Moments of Joy, Courage, Kindness and Serenity.”

Here’s a bit from the article:

Consciously choosing to willfully add moments of joy to your life will benefit you for the rest of your life. You have a lot to gain and nothing to lose. The art and skill of creating more moments of joy is a fairly easy skill to learn. It took longer to learn many of your other skills!

Maimonides writes that the way to develop any trait is to practice the actions of that trait over and over again (Hilchos Dei’os, Ch. 1). That is the way to develop kindness, courage, patience, speaking and acting with joy, and gratitude. That is the way to become a person who takes action. (See Yad Hachazakah, Hilchos Dei’os, Chs. 1 and 2.)

Here’s the snippet that spoke to me, and inspired this post:

A person who finds himself in a challenging environment is likely to find it difficult to maintain happiness. But he will still be able to create moments of joy throughout each day.

So…go Padres! Have a great evening, and a better tomorrow, and thanks for stopping by!

UPDATE: When I do things close to bedtime, I often make a small mess of them. I forgot to include the link to the article on yesterday’s portion of the book, and now I can’t find it – and don’t have time to look for it. If you follow the series, though, I bet you get the general idea. Better yet, you could buy the book!

PADRES WIN! 3-1 over the Giants!

ROYALS WIN! 7-6 over the White Sox, in 12!

RANGERS WIN! 3-2 over the Mariners!


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