Ah, baseball…

I like baseball. I am not a fanatic, I can’t quote stats unless it’s something I just read that stuck with me. I LIKE baseball. Hate watching it on tv since I left SoCal – Channel 4 broadcast the Padres games and did a bangup job of it, not finding it necessary to show me every damn facial expression of every damn player or manager. Wide camera shots of the field were much more common than anything you’ll see broadcast on any other network. Someone told me the reason they do that is cuz they wanted to get people interested after the strike. I don’t care what caused it, I hate it. So I fork out a little of my dwindling supply of cash every year and listen to the local radio broadcast where the game is being played. LOVE that!

I’m a small-market lady. San Diego, Kansas City, DFW, Minneapolis and Tampa Bay (and the Cubs) are my favorites. Used to sit around at my friend’s apartment, often at the pool, during the hottest summer Dallas had in that part of the century, and listen to the Rangers lose. Hot Texas nights, a cold cold drink, and baseball…nuthin’ like it. Kansas City has my initials on their caps. My friend gave me one of the breast-cancer-awareness pink ones for my birthday a couple years ago. San Diego is the only one of these teams I’ve seen in person, and I met a couple of the players when we lived there cuz they brought their road clothes to the dry cleaner where I worked. Trevor Hoffman is more handsome in person than he is on tv. Tampa Bay was the team that was on tv here when we came back to this side of the world, and they were the perpetual underdogs. Gotta cheer ’em just for that – same with the Cubs, really, plus Chicago was closest to my home state until the Twins came along.

So, My Padres are slipping, but will probably come back. The Cubs are NOT in last place, for which we are truly grateful. The (former Devil)Rays are struggling, but long as they beat Boston or New York real good now and again, I’m cool with it. Kansas City, on the other hand, is in second place in their division and the often-previously ignored but long dear to my heart Rangers are 3 games ahead of the 2nd place team in their division! WooHOO!!!

And anyone who knows anything about baseball knows every single one of those things can change completely by this time next week.

Gotta water the garden and find something to eat. Y’all have a terrific evening, and thanks so much for stopping by!


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