An online friend used the word in a tweet this morning about The Current Occupant, and today I think I can relate.

Let me see if I can put this “but-what-about-me” attitude into words…

I am not to ask where or when or who the ol man does or goes…but I am NOT to forget to tell him things that he might find it necessary to know…

The price of gas has sky-rocketed – along with many of the fresh fruits & vegetables I buy – and my income has remained the same, so I try very hard to NOT go anywhere…but there are several hundred dollars a month being taken out of the paycheck which then are not seen again, at least by me. I know some of that goes for the Pixie’s pre-school. Part. A part must also be going to fund the vacation he’s taking soon.

I’m told Southwest is flying into Jax this summer, but if I want to go West, I’ll have to take it out of my stash because there just isn’t any money for that…as if I can put cats and garden and Kaylee on hold for a couple weeks…

Yeah, I’m feeling kinda pissy today. Good thing I’ve got a trip planned to Salvation Army tonight, so I can be reminded once again how crappy my life isn’t.

See? That mood is almost completely dissipated now!

UPDATE: I should add that the only time Grandpa is here anymore is when Kaylee is here (has to make sure I’m doing my job properly) or he needs to work on his bike, truck, or gear. Or do laundry. He sleeps in the camper in the back yard. And yes, I still make sure there’s an ample supply of his favorite foods AND I fix breakfast, before-work meal, and lately have been sending a salad for him to have while he’s doing paperwork. So it’s like being married…at least PARTIALLY married. He heads out to hike another section of the AT in about 2 weeks, and I’m going to consider THAT my staycation for the year.

UPDATE2: I’m the live-in housekeeper. Just call me Alice.



  1. swampie · · Reply

    Very, VERY sorry to hear this. Hope y’all work it out. Lots of stressed-out people takin’ it out on their spouses just now.

    1. Thanks, Swampie. Sometimes I wonder why I’m not a quivering puddle on the floor…but I have duties and responsibilities that are more important than my stupid little moods. It’s not really new, and looking back I can see where I should have seen before, but didn’t. My own fault.

      I was going to sit here & watch some baseball & read something mindless, but I’m going to a treatment facility with some Friends instead.

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