My thumb is green-ish.

Pictures from my ‘garden’ – that’s a kind word to use for the beds that are located in the otherwise unusable space next to the driveway. So far, it’s doing VERY well. Soon it’ll be so hot the plants just fry, but until then…zucchini for Lovely Daughter:

Front to back – zucchini, cucumber, and in the bed right behind, you can see 2 cherry tomato plants:

And of course, a quick shot of my helper:



  1. It’s beautiful! Every time I plant something, the squirrels, chickens, ducks, or other livestock get it. *sigh*

    1. Took the first cucumber yesterday. Been eating the cherry tomatoes for just about a week, but they were pretty durn mature plants when they went in. I have some grape tomatoes coming on, and a zucchini that looks like it’s getting close, too. I think the cats keep the squirrels away, but have seen some digging evidence in the back yard that might be ‘dillo. Used to have trouble with cardinals getting the tomatoes, but not planting big tomatoes anymore…don’t know if that helps or not, will wait till the more exposed ones come ripe.

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