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Fourteen years ago this week, my life was as hopeless as I ever thought it could be. I was wrong. I’m feeling lower than low these days, and posting here is more of a chore than the fun I had intended it to be. I’m going to be taking a bit of a break, till […]

Decoration Day/ Memorial Day

We cherish too, the Poppy red That grows on fields where valor led, It seems to signal to the skies That blood of heroes never dies. ~Moina Michael   Some history from Since the late 50’s on the Thursday before Memorial Day, the 1,200 soldiers of the 3d U.S. Infantry place small American flags […]

Your suggestions are needed

The tailgate and window and bumper of my lil red truck are bare. Not that I mind, really, but I’m ‘shopping’ for something to add a bit of zing, personality, or snark. I won’t put anything vulgar on there, as my usual passenger is an adorable little blond Pixie. Not only that, most of the […]


The title to my new-to-me ’98 Dakota Sport came in the mail today. Had the truck a week and 2 days, and I really like it. I am assured by someone who knows that it’s mechanically sound, the interior is in decent shape now that the driver’s seat is repaired (restrung the wires that hold […]

Mallard Fillmore, cuz I got nuthin.’

Finally able to keep some food down – bought a 6pack of Ensure for weight gain & at My Favorite Cousin’s suggestion had some peanut butter on saltines, just so I could injest some nutrition. Dunno how much I’ve lost since last Wednesday, but whatever it is, it’s too much. First the dehydration, which is […]


in·teg·ri·ty %5Bin-teg-ri-tee%5D  Show IPA –noun 1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty. A quality sorely lacking in people I’d never have expected to say that about. Heartbreaking when it’s people you thought you could trust with your life…or your child’s life…just heartbreaking… Here’s the term Lovely Daughter used for one of the people I thought I could trust…though I believe the […]


The worst weekend of my life so far is coming to an end. What the week has in store I’m not able to guess, but I’d almost bet on more of the same, if I was a betting woman…which I’m not. Maybe the Whore From Georgia is a betting slut… At least my Pixie will […]