Thank you, Seal Team 6! Thank you, Marines! Thank you ALL!

It never surprises me when our Military does the job they were selected and trained to do. It does surprise me that The Current Occupant would allow such a thing to happen, but then I remember, this guy is campaigning! Of course! You don’t think killing Bin Laden was on his to-do list when he took the Oath, do you? It WAS on the list of many of the people who wear The Uniform…as evidenced by one of the links Paco has. Al Quaeda won’t miss the old man – they have poppies to raise the money they need, and plenty of discontented power-hungry recruits who are sworn to die for their cause. It’s just one. But it’s one.

I don’t care where Bin Laden was, but we have more proof – if any was needed – that the Lamestream doesn’t get much right before blathering about it on air or in print. Thanks to Watts Up With That for continuing coverage.

Turn it UP!

I hope it hurt real bad.

UPDATE: I would also like to thank the fans at the Phillies-Mets game. Baseball games were the bookends of this 10 years, weren’t they?

Here’s W, classy as ever:

And I still hope it hurt real bad.



  1. Heh. My reaction was “you knew since AUGUST where the SOB was hiding, and it took you THAT long to make a freaking decision?”

    1. Had to be a political advantage – with the price of gas & groceries, this is a reasonable distraction.

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