Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla…B. F. D.

Cinco de Mayo, a made-up ‘holiday’ in the United States, is supposedly the commemoration of a small Mexican Army defeating the larger and better-equipped French Army at Puebla. It was also a battle that would hold little meaning when the French returned with a MUCH larger force and took Mexico City anyway.

Fine as it may be for the morale and city of Puebla itself, the MAIN purpose of this commemoration is the drinking of tequila and beer. Tequila and beer drinkers are the ones to whom the marketing is directed, and it has succeeded probably beyond the companies wildest expectations.

Which makes THIS ad campaign necessary…right?

I think I’ll keep my mind on something a bit different

So, have a terrific day, please take a cab or a designated driver if you insist on commemorating a fight between France and Mexico, and mostly, thanks so much for stopping by!


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