A funny on Friday!

Yes, I am going to make fun of Osama bin Fishfood today. My humour is kinda mean lately, and I enjoy the hell outta the snark that’s around this week.

As usual, I read The Bleat every morning. I am often rewarded by a word or phrase that draws a picture I can carry with me all day. Today, along with the blog, I got this from the comments:

I hear the SEALs have a new drink, called the Geronimo – two shots and a splash.

This one is from my Twitter feed:

They buried Osama out to sea right after Japan released radioactive water into the ocean. This has the makings of an awesome monster movie.

I’m arranging and rearranging my house these days. Bought a small weedwacker so I could tackle the sticker weeds and get at the fire ant hills. Nice and cool and some rain today, so I’m working inside. Have some ironing to do. Need to redo the pantry, put my stuff where I can reach it now that Duffy’s moved his stuff mostly out. Doing housekeeping tomorrow for my one regular client, then on Sunday I get to have lunch with Lovely Daughter and her family. Will be trying to squeeze some Step work in there with some women who want to do the work. Life Is Good.

Hope y’all have a fine weekend, too, and thanks for stopping by!


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