Mallard Fillmore knows me so well…



  1. I got my first one last year. A 37 inch Vizio from Wally World. Great for watching Hockey!

  2. swampie · · Reply

    I must be one of the four!

    Course, my computer screen is a big flatscreen….

    1. I have a little tiny house. Anything bigger than…ME…is too big. TV has to be little, too, which is ok by me, since I don’t watch it much. Thought there would be one with the last tax refund, but I didn’t get any of that, it went for…well, whatever it went for was obviously nunnamybidniss. Probably Harley parts, since it was down for awhile.

      1. Tax refund? What dat? We ain’t got one of them thangs ever.

    2. Usually get a couple hundred. But remember, the paychecks here don’t involve livestock or agriculture that has to be reported…and taxed. Stray cats don’t count.

  3. I decided a few years back that the less the gummint knew about me, the better. So, according to me, I no longer have livestock.

    1. Your secret is safe with me!

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