My money’s on Ivan the Fedorable!

Gracious. Me.

Paco’s put up another post that reminds us all – if we still need reminders – why he’d be such a FABulous Next President of these here United States!

The ranks of the wannabes are thinning, none too soon – Trump? Really? No…REALLY? Thanks be to My Creator THAT joke was nipped in the bud this early in the campaign. Yep, money’s on Paco…and I’ll throw in my vote for nuthin!



  1. bobbelvedere · · Reply

    -I’m with Paco all the way, too and it has nothing to do with the cabinet position he’s promised me – no really.

    -Regarding my posting on ‘low information voters’, I wanted to clarify something: When Stacy and I write and speak of ‘independent voters’ we do not mean people like you and the disaffected that Ran writes of in my Comments Section. You all pay attention to politics and, most importantly, think about it deeply. The IV’s in our definition are those people who walk by the water every day, only occasionally dipping their toes in and forming their judgements based on a two second dip.

    1. I read it that way, Bob, but thanks for the validation. I just wanted others to know we DO exist, we’re the TRUE “independents.” I guess there ain’t many of us.

      Love not having to listen to the boob toob to get my news anymore! Hell, I don’t even have to read an online paper, I merely pick some bloggers – such as yer fine self – who cover the things I’m interested in, and VOILA! Informed without bloodshed!

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