Happy Birthday, Dad…

I began my prep for my 4th -oscopy last night, with a full bottle of magnesium citrate. After a light breakfast of rice krispies and bananas, with a cup of English Breakfast tea, I am off real food until after the procedure tomorrow, and off even liquids after bedtime. Which means my next full meal is approximately 30 hours away. As much as I like to eat, this is NOT an easy prep for me!

The man who made all this possible is my dad. Today would have been his 79th birthday, but he died of colon cancer in 1991. The VA would not believe there was anything wrong when he complained about the pains in his gut, and therefore would not order the tests that could have saved his life. By the time a civilian doctor did an exploratory, it was too late.

I miss him every day.

UPDATE: It’s Friday, late afternoon. Had my -oscopy this morning, was home before 11. Only one tiny little polyp, no worries on the one that was hinky last year, next procedure in 3 years. Hey, Glenn, should I post pictures?



  1. swampie · · Reply

    When I had mine, I had so much yucky stuff to drink that I didn’t even want to THINK about food. That’s some nasty stuff.

  2. Metamucil mixed with the clear beverage of your choice – I hate Gatorade so my choice is Fruit2O raspberry.

    Feelin’ kind puny right now.

    1. swampie · · Reply

      Ugh. Mixed mine with sweet tea. Not the most salubrious taste sensation.

  3. Drano

    Not meant for drinking!

    But it’s a necessary evil.

    And the food and the cup of tea you get afterwards is the best you’ve ever eaten!

    1. Didn’t feel like food when I got done, had half a cheese sandwich and a Coke. Funny, cuz last year I ate a whole Kentucky Fried Chicken dinner and then made a full evening of it at PPG. Emotions sometimes get the best of me…

      1. swampie · ·

        That’s kinda how I felt when I had mine done. Not all that hungry.

      2. The coffee with sugar & cream the nurse brought me was DEEElish, tho!

  4. If you got em, post em! I never got pictures of mine! The only pics I have are the right knee scope on the meniscus and the ones I took of the kidney exit scar on my belly!

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