Mallard Fillmore, cuz I got nuthin.’

Finally able to keep some food down – bought a 6pack of Ensure for weight gain & at My Favorite Cousin’s suggestion had some peanut butter on saltines, just so I could injest some nutrition. Dunno how much I’ve lost since last Wednesday, but whatever it is, it’s too much. First the dehydration, which is common for me when prepping for an -oscopy…then emotional turmoil in my brain that kept me awake most of the night all week long, along with very serious lower back/hip AND cervical spinal pain. Falling apart, I am! Now, my throat is swollen terribly, my head is pounding so bad I can’t STAND it, my arms & shoulders ache (what’s up with THAT?) and I am going to bed, dammit!

Here’s Mallard, from earlier in the month…just so you don’t forget…EVER!


One comment

  1. Damn girl get better soon!

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