The title to my new-to-me ’98 Dakota Sport came in the mail today. Had the truck a week and 2 days, and I really like it. I am assured by someone who knows that it’s mechanically sound, the interior is in decent shape now that the driver’s seat is repaired (restrung the wires that hold the padding, then replace the missing padding & voila! Like new driver’s seat), and it’s easy for me to drive. The paint on the hood and roof are in awful shape, there are quite a few dings and small dents and I’m pretty sure somewhere in its past it was in an accident, but NOTHING like the bashing it looks like my BroncoII took! I even like the colour.

My Pixie likes it, too!

I seem to have caught the flu or something, and Kaylee’s grandpa has been good enough to take her to the library for a bit. I’m going to take an aspirin and go lay down now. Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Oooh, I like it, too! That is exactly what I need for runnin’ around town but in the summer I’ve got three or four grandyounguns with me.

    I used to have a lil’ red truck, and a big red truck. I miss ’em both.

    1. Seller had bought it at 80k miles, I got it at 159k. HE sold it only because he now has 3 boys who want to go with Daddy! Since I only have the one girlie, it’s PERFECT.

      Today is the kids’ 4th anniversary, and I hope a few months from now I don’t have to sell it & get something with more seating. The Other Grandma doesn’t agree with THAT at all, but she doesn’t have the little darlin’s all day, either.

  2. Beaut ute!

    Pixie does look pleased.

    1. Thanks, Kae, hard to tell which she liked better – Grandma’s new red truck…or that red lollipop!

  3. Hope your feeling better today. Nothin’ worse than a case of the crud in the summer. Grin. I’ve been exposed to it at work, our (house) A/C went *poof* at the beginning of the long weekend (repairmen have NOT called us back!) and I’ve been exposed to it (the vomiting and snots) at school. Oh, joy!

  4. DOH! I went and didn’t did it (editing) again.

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