Your suggestions are needed

The tailgate and window and bumper of my lil red truck are bare. Not that I mind, really, but I’m ‘shopping’ for something to add a bit of zing, personality, or snark. I won’t put anything vulgar on there, as my usual passenger is an adorable little blond Pixie. Not only that, most of the time the lil red truck is driven by a lil pain-filled broad no bigger’n most 6th graders. I gave up fighting a few years back (though I can feel every one of ’em today), so I won’t put anything really obnoxious on my truck, either… though that’s subjective – things I don’t think are obnoxious may well be to others.

So, other than the AA circle&triangle, and the base sticker, what do y’all suggest? I don’t want the rear covered, just one or two little items that identify my philosophy or preferences.  Links where I can find anything are appreciated, that’s for sure, but remember – I am seriously poor. If necessary I will draw it and print it and use packing tape to attach it, if I really like it.

Wonder if Bob Belvedere ever had any of these printed up…



  1. bobbelvedere · · Reply

    I thinking of getting some printed, so count yourself an inspiration to me, KC.

    1. In that case, Bob, I will save a space for one, thank you!

  2. swampie · · Reply

    I was thinking the don’t tread on me rattlesnake.

    1. Excellent idea, Swampie, thanks!

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