Fourteen years ago this week, my life was as hopeless as I ever thought it could be. I was wrong.

I’m feeling lower than low these days, and posting here is more of a chore than the fun I had intended it to be. I’m going to be taking a bit of a break, till I can get my gut around the changes in my life. Thanks for understanding.

UPDATE (of a sort): Seems Ol Peaches has convinced Lovely Daughter that she merely allows the ol man to sleep on her couch on weekends, that there’s nothing else going on. Idn’t that nice… I heard Ol Peaches Fifth Step – that ain’t how she works when she’s got a man within spittin’ distance. It would be completely out of character. Poor Daughter is so pissed at her father she can hardly stand it. Sad.



  1. swampie · · Reply

    So very, very sorry. I’ll check in periodically and hope to see you sometime this summer.

    1. You have my email address. I have yours, too. And I’ll be checking in, maybe even posting now and again, but can’t count on my brain coming up with anything.

      I asked him to give us another chance. He said he’d think about it. After 26 years, maybe a second chance is in order…but it’s not up to me.

      1. Good luck, KC, whatever happens.

      2. Thanks, Kae. I have YOUR email, too. And this doesn’t mean I won’t be reading or commenting at the Bloodnut Blog OR A1A South, Ladies – I just don’t feel very creative or energetic, and don’t want to feel the ‘need’ to post things here.

        I did something today I haven’t done since this began. I hugged him when he came in for coffee…I miss that touch something terrible.

        He’s taken Kaylee to the playground on base, it’s miserable hot & humid, but she doesn’t seem to notice!

  2. Madalyn · · Reply

    My heart goes out to you. My husband ran away with the babysitter. At the time I felt my life was over. I know now that it was the best thing to ever happen to me and my children. There were times I wanted to end it all, but my children were too important. I will be thinking of you and praying for you.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Madalyn. Didn’t consider ending it all, know too many who use the permanent solution to a temporary problem. I know I’ll be ok, but it’s going to take a very long time, I’m afraid…and if there’s a chance of him coming back, I don’t want to blow it, either….yet.

      I rearranged the bedroom today, and moved his books from the shelves in the LR & DR to his workroom. No idea when I expect to see him again, this has been a day I’d label ‘awful.’ Then again, every Friday is crappy, with Saturday & Sunday a close second. Working Steps with 2 ladies on Sunday, that’ll take up a bit of my time. And I have to mow the front yard tomorrow morning…and I have about 40lbs of bananas that will make GREAT banana bread.

      Good thing I don’t have a real job, I’d never get anything done. Going to bed early tonight…soon after I find something to eat! Can’t afford to lose anymore damn weight!

  3. Email your postal address to me and i WILL get that parcel to you… as soon as I can locate all the bits to put in it!

  4. If you Email me and I don’t respond, just remember I’m keeping the grandkids this summer! Go on A1A South and yell at me to check my Email.

    1. I’ll remember that, thanks, Swampie. Just got new scissors & sidewalk chalk & colour book & crayons for the Pixie – gotta have something to do when it’s too hot for Grandma to go outside!

  5. The Ladies at the Primary Purpose Group made my cry last night, with some little gifts, a couple cards, a cake, and a beautiful medallion to commemorate the day. I’ll post a picture later.

    The Ladies here would be a stunning and welcome addition to the Group, even if you’re not alcoholics. Thank you ALL!

  6. bobbelvedere · · Reply

    Thinking of you, KC. All my hopes….

    1. Thanks, Bob.

    2. Bob, you once kindly offered your expertise at something I wanted to do with this blog. Having no training, I don’t know the meanings of many terms that are used, and end up making a mess of things…

      I’d like to put the badge from BookSneeze on my page. Can you give me instruction on how to do that? You can send an email or just print it here as a comment.

      With many thanks, hope your day is as beautiful as your heart.

      1. bobbelvedere · ·

        Apologies KC: I sent a reply to you on Friday to the wrong e-mail address.

        I wrote: ‘I’m looking into it. I’ve spent the day working on a tenant’s manual for our Vegas condo. Bob’

        Could you send me an e-mail with the instructions BookSneeze gave you, if any, for installing the badge? If there are none, can you send me a copy of the badge?

        Sent it to: Robert.Belvedere@gmail.com
        and I’ll see what I can do for you.

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