On the anniversary of D-Day, in 1997, I had survived a massive motorcycle crash and was told that if I lived and if I kept going the way I was going and doing the things I’d been doing, I would live about 2, maybe up to 5 more years. So it’s been 14 years since I had my last drink of alcohol. In order to find friends who didn’t drink, I attended AA and at some point came to the conclusion that the Design For Living as outlined in the 12 Steps would become my Way of Life. I chose 6 June as my Sober Date because of what it stands for – Freedom from bondage and the sacrifices that must be made in pursuit of that Freedom.

Though this is an important day in my life, it isn’t nearly as impressive as the Original D-Day accomplishments.

Read more at America’s Watchtower:

From The Conservative Outpost:


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