Happiest of Father’s Days!

My own dad and my father-in-law have been gone for several years now. We still miss them both. Kait had lunch with her daddy on Saturday, because he had a kayak trip planned for Sunday. On Friday, when he was talking about it, I said I really miss going kayaking…and he said he could load the Malibu 2 just as easy as he could load the Scrambler…if I want to go along. Yes, I did!

My husband hugged me and kissed me before he left for work. I was pretty sad, knowing – once again – I wouldn’t see him till Sunday morning when he came to load the kayak. So, I went about my weekend chores, shopped for the things I wanted to eat on Sunday. Saturday I went to clean for my one and only client, then spent part of that money on Pizza Hut and new shorts from the thrift store. I got home with the plan of puttering around prepping watermelon for Sunday, getting my stuff together, maybe do a quick sweep&mop. But when I walked in, Duffy was here. I asked, “What are you doing here?” and his answer was, “I live here.”

He mowed, I cooked & prepped…then we took quick showers and went to a speaker meeting. Together. He held my hand…

And stayed the night.

And we talked.

The young man who was supposed to go along didn’t make it up in time, so it was just me and Duffy, kayaking Juniper Springs. It was GREAT!!! We got home around 4, had some fruit for supper, watched the US Open…

…and I asked if he was leaving again. He said no. I cried. He’s Home.

I did up the dishes, watched some baseball with him, then slept for SIX WHOLE HOURS, IN A ROW!

I’m a happy little Wife again today, and you cannot believe how thankful I am for this second chance. To all of you who kept us in your prayers, thank you. Hope your day is HALF as good as mine’s going to be! We’re going to take Kaylee for her first kayak ride!

UPDATE: The pictures were taken just out from the marina at NAS Jax, out on the St. John’s River. Kaylee seemed to enjoy herself, but probably not as much as I did!



  1. What a wonderful father’s day story! Poor SwampMan got ignored by me while I went up to the stepdad’s in Georgia, but he got telephoned by son and of course daughter and grandkids were back Sunday afternoon.

  2. Excellent fathers’ day development, KC!

  3. I wouldn’t have done as well during this time as I did – and it really wasn’t well at ALL, y’know, it was miserable – without the help of the SwampWoman and Kae. Yes, I had people here, in real life, too, but when I was in this house all by myself, I knew you Women were just a few keystrokes away. I am EVER so thankful for you.

  4. swampie · · Reply

    Your online support group!

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