Monthly Archives: July 2011

Juniper Springs, last Sunday

Didn’t see one gator. DID see an otter again. Beautiful day. Beautiful place. Beautiful people. Thank you, God. Advertisements

Long Live NASCAR Nation!

See them boys giggle? LOVE it! Many thanks to My Chief (retired), who heard this on Jim Rome and came home to tell me about it.

Know the Enemy, Speak the Truth, and WIN the War ~ a review

How did the United States – a proud and powerful Eagle – become the blind and toothless old Lion we see today? Is there hope for America’s survival, though she is headed by a man of little character and less experience, assisted by an Administration and Congress who seem to value their jobs more than […]

Get yourself a Happier Meal

I watch America’s Test Kitchen on the taxpayer-funded channels whenever it shows up. I love it. I’ve learned from it. I also follow whoever it is that has the Twitter account with that name, and today the link took me to Todd Essig’s column at Forbes. I haven’t read the column – or this publication […]

Honor. Courage. Commitment.

Three words that embody the Best in the Men and Women who serve in the United States Navy. Some of my best memories from 22 years as a Navy Wife come from the HN’s who cared for me or my family. HN’s go into battle with Marines. I have NOTHING but admiration for all of […]

Long day…but a lot of fun, dontchaknow?

This is my new picture on my phone. Ain’t they cute? They were watching “Finding Nemo” together this morning, and when she saw I was going to take a picture, this is what my Pixie did. Going to my favorite meeting of the week tonight – carrying the message to the Salvation Army is a […]

Fiscal responsibility – at the STATE level!

Handsome Hubby sent me this link last night. I’d read Lileks‘ remark a few weeks back that there is no recession in Fargo, and we’d talked about it a bit, so he knows it’s something on my mind, especially in light of the economic mess Florida is in. At least a dozen states ended fiscal […]