Oh! Canada!

In honour of what was known as Dominion Day when I lived there (not quite a hundred years ago), I give you these snippets. You will notice a pronounced WESTERN Canada leaning, as I lived one year just over the border from Saskatchewan (14 miles from the border, the best radio station came from Regina), three years in southern Alberta, and most of my first 20 years within 50 miles of the Canadian border.

For instance, with the NFL season questionable (and not all that attractive to some of us ‘oldtimers’ anyway), it’s nice to see the Canadian Football League season started yesterday. My childhood favorite BC Lions lost to some team from eastern Canada. My brother’s team is the Saskatchewan Roughriders (remember what I said about living so close?), and I don’t disagree, but ‘my team’ is the Calgary Stampeders. The Roughriders annihilated the Stampeders in the 2010 West final.

Saskatchewan Roughriders safety James Patrick (left) tries to tackle Calgary Stampeders running back Jon Cornish in an October 2010 file photo.

William and Kate, Worth the Wait was one of the signs at Prince William’s Canada Day speech.

Happy Alberta Day, Canada doesn’t seem to be complimentary, but I could be wrong…let’s look at an excerpt: The latest example of the Albertanization process is the Harper government’s autocratic, punitive and most likely unconstitutional approach to ending the labour dispute at Canada Post, and its successful application of the threat to do the same thing at Air Canada. Nope, I wasn’t wrong.

This little girl was HORRIBLY MISTREATED this morning at the Alberta Legislature Grounds. Really! See for yourself!

Last, but certainly not least, the National Anthem of Canada, sung at the National Sport of Canada! Why, yes, I do remember all the words…

Looking forward to my weekend with my hubby. He’s on call so will either be working or puttering around, since there isn’t much point getting involved in some project if you don’t know when the phone’s going to ring or when you’ll be home after it does. Third Friday in a row I don’t hate the weekend. Why he’s sticking around, I have no idea – a whole weekend with a frumpy little wife can’t be his first choice, since Kaylee won’t be here. He’d surely rather be at a certain more interesting place out at the beach…but that’s not my call. I’m going to be glad for the time with him.

Y’all have a Fine Friday, and thanks for stopping by!


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